Saturday, May 19

Back at it...Summer Temps

Back at it...Summer Temps

I know, I know....I haven't been doing a lot of OOTD posts lately, or any post at ALL for that matter :-( but as the title suggests, I'm most definitely back at it! After all of the impromptu shopping I've been doing lately, I felt that it was only right to post not only about how I'm taking on these warmer temps, but my first full day walking around in 5" wedges! One of my 2012 fashion resolutions was to wear heels more often and I put that resolution to the test today by wearing my wedges for 15+ hours STRAIGHT! Obviously there are ladies out there who do this everyday but seeing as I'm a flats/flip flops kind of girl  this was a huge feat.  This particular pair is called Servedio and they came from Aldo and yes they were quite comfy to walk in.  And walk I did! Even though its only mid-May, it felt like summer had arrived in Chicago this weekend and, despite the threat of unruly NATO protests, I decided to go shopping.  The rest of my outfit I found at Old Navy (on sale!); I kept the jewelry understanted and threw on my Coach Kristin crossbody bag to keep my hands free.

I hope you all are enjoying the weather! Keep an eye out for more OOTD's and perhaps a few haul posts...

Until next time :)

Friday, April 6

Commuter Couture: Polyvore 'Wear I Live' Contest Entry

Commuter Couture

In case you didn't know, I create the photo collages for Not Quite Glam using Polyvore (which know... only the best thing since sliced bread!)  For the next four (4) days Polyvore is having a "Wear I Live" contest for all of us funky Chi-town fashionistas! 

I was inspired by the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority)...mostly because I don't own a car and so if I want to get anywhere I either have to hoof it or get on the El (train).   For my set I was going for a look I'll call commuter chic; something well pulled together yet effortless.  I'm not gonna lie, usually I wear Uggs or TOMS when commuting, but I've always admired women brave enough to step on on the platform or (gasp) run after a bus in 4 inch heels; so I decided to incorporate a pair of hot pink platform wedges from Aldo.  In order to keep the otherwise black-and-white look from being too drab (as if the shoes weren't enough) I added this ombre/animal print top from Top Shop.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE and TOTALLY APPRECIATE you all clicking here and liking my set, and if you also want to enter, just click here
According to the contest guidelines,all you have to do is create a set showcasing your best Chicago look and only new sets are allowed. Easy right? Now I have no idea what the "prize" for the winning set will be, but here's to the winner receiving all, or at least one of, the items in their set for free ($365 Oliver Peoples sunglasses? YES PLEASE!!)

Stay tuned for my Easter the mean time have a Happy Good Friday and Happy creating!!

Wednesday, March 14

Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung indeed! these 70 and 80 degree days in mid-March in CHICAGO are pretty amazing if I do say so myself, and even though its supposed to rain a few days this week I don't mind. I mean hey it could be a blizzard, just sayin...

By the time I got this blog up and running the time for shorts, and really ANY sort of bare legs, had long since passed so I decided to take this opportunity to show off my first warm weather look.  Today the high temperature is supposed to be a record tying 77 and possibly a record breaking 80, even so, the wind and 59 degree temps this morning called for some sort of jacket.  I opted for this cropped trench because its not only lightweight, but can be folded up and easily stored in my tote ...after all I definitely wont be needing it later, lol. The "wrong-ness" about wearing sandals in March was something I just couldn't get over so I opted for a nice loafer. Oddly enough, I scored this dolman sleeve striped blouse in early February and stashed it in the back of my closet with every intent not to pull it out until Memorial Day, but its breezy enough to keep my cool on a warm March (?) day yet still polished enough to class up cuffed denim Bermuda shorts.

I've been meaning to jump back into running and I promised myself that as soon as the weather started to break I would start power walking/ jogging after work so that my mid summer I could run along the Lake (like just about everyone else in my neighborhood) so stay tuned for some 'runner chic' looks...

Hope you're enjoying the effects of global warming wherever you are, lol!

Friday, March 2

Down to the Bone

Down to the Bone

Hello all! I hope everyone is enjoying this awesomely mild winter (I'm just hoping that we wont have to make up for it this summer). I don't know about you, but I've always thought it was a little ridiculous (and unfair) that all the great spring fashions hit the stores when its still blistering cold and snowy outside; luckily this year the weather is nice enough to actually take some of those new clothes you're buying for a test drive. 

With that in mind, I put this casual/everyday look together incorporating two of spring's hottest trends: geometric prints and colored pants.  The inspiration for this look started with the turquoise print blouse, I first saw it a few weeks ago and new instantly that I needed to have it! It's the perfect weight, heavy enough to wear in the cooler temps of a Chicago springtime but light enough to pair with shorts this summer. Even though turquoise is a bold enough color to stand on its own against a neutral colored bottom I wanted to step outside the box so I added rust colored jeggings.  Even though its been very nice lately I still added a dark denim blazer as "insurance" because the weather can go from beautiful to awful all in one day.

I'm in love  love love these bone colored (SUPER comfortable!) loafers from ALDO; by adding a matching hobo bag from Old Navy I was able to keep the accessories from competing with the rest of the look.

Then of course, I MUST talk about the watch, which I found totally by mistake on Windsor website for under $30!!! When I first saw it, I envisioned using it as a little somethin' extra with jeans and a white tee but hey why not get all the miles out of it I can!

Thursday, February 9

From 9-5 to Night Out

From 9-5 to Happy Hour

Hey everyone! This was my first official after work outing with coworker and I had a great time! I was pretty excited so the night before I began brainstorming what a Not Quite Glam "9 to 5 and beyond" look would consist of...

After going over and over just how I wanted to look I finally decided that the main consideration should be comfort!  I said to myself  "I'll be wearing this ALL DAY! So I better feel comfortable in it!"

So here it is, black skinny pants with a black blazer bring the 9-5 element and the cropped leopard sweater layered over a cream sequined tank brought the "and beyond".  Even though I considered wearing my 4.5 inch platform pumps, I remembered COMFORT and opted for a a patent nude ballet flat; I chose nude because wanted to add just a little more flavor).

Since Valentines day is on a Tuesday this year (blah) I'm looking for yet another look that I can wear all day at work and on to a fancy dinner that night. I bought an awesome breezy flower print dress about a month ago for $8 (!!!) but we'll see what I come up with :)

What do you think? Is this a look that you would consider wearing from  9-5 to a night out?

***This lovely photo collage was creating using Polyvore a site which I LOVE! Go sign up, its totally fun and FREE!  To find out more information about all the items in this set and to view the rest of my sets check out the Not Quite Glam on Polyvore***

Friday, February 3

Follow Me on Pinterest!

If you haven't already heard, Pinterest is A-MAZING! It's a virtual pin board/social network all rolled into one.  Basically, if you've ever been on the Internet and said "oh I like that," and wanted to some how gather all those pics in one place , then you'll LOVE Pinterest.  I will caution you though, its HIGHLY addictive!  If you don't already have a problem with wasting too much time on the Internet then you certainly will after you start pinning (Seriously, if they ever develop a good Pinterest for iPad app I will never get anything done!)

Here is a little blurb about Pinterest from their website:

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite `recipes. Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.

Don't believe me? Go check it out for yourself! And remember you've been warned!  

Thinking Out of the Box

Thinking Out of the Box

Hello all! Continuing with the spring style "inspiration" posts I decided that I would pair pieces that wouldn't normally go in point a trench vest and crepe mid-length skirt.  I actually started this outfit knowing that I wanted to somehow incorporate the vest, I do LOVE a good trench coat and after seeing this vest featured in the haul of one of my favorite fashion blogs (Stylish Curves) I just knew I had to use it!  

I guess if you really look at it, this look brings together the ruggedness of the rolled-cuff camp shirt and trench vest with the softness of the patterned skirt and patent wedges into a "polished Safari" theme (and yes I did just say polished Safari, LOL!)

Also if you cant tell this is the second post in a row that features American Apparel's Large Leather Carry-all Pouch because I'm mildly obsessed with it.... even more so now that I've found out how easy it is to customize it using a little acrylic paint, and creativity (DIY post inspired by Just B coming soon!!!!!)

***This lovely photo collage was creating using Polyvore a site which I LOVE! Go sign up, its totally fun and FREE!  To find out more information about all the items in this set and to view the rest of my sets check out the Not Quite Glam on Polyvore***